1. Introduction


AVSnap uses a set of keyboard shortcuts that help to increase efficiency of your work. Keyboard shortcuts are designed to simplify AVSnap usage and to provide a convenient way of accessing most of the functions. Many of the shortcuts also have an associated menu options that can be used to perform the same function.


In many cases the same operation can be performed from a different part of program giving user the flexibility to use AVSnap in the most convenient way. The latest version of available shortcuts can be displayed and printed in AVSnap by pressing key.


More comprehensive list of shortcuts is available from this user guide. AVSnap provides an easy way of printing the keyboard shortcuts list for later reference.

Figure 1.1

It is recommended that the Shortcuts list is printed right a way to simplify learning process and to speedup project design. Typically productivity will increase significantly when keyboard shortcuts are used. Take a few minutes and learn them. Most of them are phonetically related to the specific task that needs to be performed but in some cases they may need to be remembered.

Keyboard Shortcuts can be used at any time in AVSnap except when entering text information. In this case, use menu options to perform desired function.