Usefull tips on how to use AVSnap

1) Changing Background Color for Design Pages (1 minute)

2) Finding Transparent Objects on Design Page (1 minute)

3) How to Rotate Objects the Easy Way

4) Adding Snap Points to a Symbol(4 minutes)

5) Creating Shade Effects on Text Objects

6) Creating Glossy Buttons using AVSnap

7) Adding Template Pages to Projects

8) How to Create Random Filled Shapes

9) How to Create a Simple Graphical User Interface

10) Formatting the Cable Drawing Tool

11) Adding Arrows on Cable Ends

12) How to Make Appealing Cable Crossings

13) Creating Different Color Buttons for User Interface

14) How to Make Irregular Filled Shapes

15) Simple Way of Using Page Layers

16) Create a Beautiful Background for GUI

17) Rotate Objects the Easy Way

18) Add Sounds to Your GUI Interface

19) Simple Way to Align Objects

20) Easy Way to Remove the Image Background Color

21) Combining Objects Together to Create Holes and Openings

22) Simple Way to Automatically Back Up Your Project and Library Files

23) Set Up AVSnap for Flowchart Design and Draw a Simple Flowchart

24) Creating a Library for Different Color Cables

25) Using “Continuous Draw” Cable Object Mode

26) Using a Layer’s “Brightness” Feature to Highlight Portions of a Design

27) Creating Flowcharts Using AVSnap Flowchart Symbols

28) Using Layers Capability During Project Design

29) How to Use Multiple Page Display

30) How to Set Default Configurations for Drawing Tools

31) How to Configure Arrow Sizes on the Cable Tool

32) How to Send and Receive E-Mails Using AVSnap

33) How to Convert Text to Speech When Designing GUI (Graphical User Interface)

34) How to Set Up AVSnap Net Meeting

35) How to Assign Default Startup Project to AVSnap

36) How to Create a Symbol

37) How to Deploy AVSnap Web Server

38) How to Identify and Select Objects on Different Layers

39) How to Use 1 and 2 Bend Cable Tool

40) How to Use the Clone Tool

41) Using the Anti-Aliasing Feature

42) How to Create a Visually Appealing Progress Bar

43) Creating Nice Looking GUI Buttons using Inkscape (5 minutes)

44) Creating an Array of Buttons (5 minutes)

45) Designing a GUI Page Navigation(6-8 minutes)


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